How Durian Singapore Delivery Increases The Popularity Of The Dish

mao shan wang durian singapore.

Everyone knows that durian is a fruit often unheard of across the world. However, it is a trendy fruit in Singapore. The fruit and its multiple varieties are used in almost every local dish made. The popularity of the fruit is such that trying it is on the to-do list of every tourist visiting. It retails for a morbidly high price and is very delicate and fragile, and needs to be handled with immense care.

More about buying durian

If one wants to buy durian, they can go to a grocery store. However, store-bought durians have a high chance of getting spoilt very soon. Therefore, it’s always preferable that durians must always be bought when fresh, no matter the type. There are multiple types of durians available, depending upon the taste, shape, and size, and they all differ in quality and hence in the price range. The fruit has multiple uses. It is used across Singapore in various desserts such as custards, puddings, cheesecakes and is often added to some recipes to give them a tangy bittersweet taste, which is what the fruit is famous for. Usually, before cooking, durian must be de-husked, although one can buy an already de-husked durian from grocery stores or online websites.

This is one of the significant reasons why durian singapore delivery or delivery of durian in Singapore through online portals has seen a substantial rise over the past years, especially since the development of technology took to the rapid pace and reached the levels it is at today.