How to Find the Right Underlay?

Finding the right underlay for the floor type is very important that will maximize your floor longevity and protect this from various environmental damages like one caused by the moisture. The carpet underlay material used is the fundamental part to buy a new carpet. Also, it is very important you do a little research before you replace the carpet, ensuring that you select the best carpet underlay for your room.

Different Kinds of Underlay Available

Just like the carpets, you will find underlay in many different types and some of them are given below:

Sponge rubber underlay

This type of underlay is quite durable and good for the sound reduction that makes it the best underlays for the concrete floors. This is the right carpet underlay for the underfloor heating since it allows the heat from underfloor panels to go out in your room efficiently.

Combination Underlay

This underlay consists of 2 distinct materials, and they are felt & rubber. The combination underlay is also best for the installation below the carpet and provides properties like thermal insulation & durability.

Crumb rubber underlay

Such type of underlay is mostly made from the recyclable materials, which are packed densely. It is good for the rooms with high furnishings since it can protect the carpet from any indentations. Industry ratings as well as tests help to provide the guide, so you will see that some thinnest underlayments on a list perform well on the sound ratings.

Foam underlay

Generally made from PU foam, it is one versatile kind of underlay. It is lightweight and soft and being good for the insulation & noise reduction. Foam is an easy underlay and making it best for the difficult areas such as staircases and hallways.

Felt underlay

It is the traditional type of the underlay that offers best cushioning and reasonable level of the noise reduction & warmth. The felt underlays are made from wool, and making them must cheaper and easier.