Looking For Neck Pain Treatment Singapore ?

neck pain treatment singapore

Neck pain is a typical cause for people in Singapore to visit their doctor. Neck discomfort is rarely the result of a single incident. Instead, the problem frequently arises gradually as a result of the stress and strain of regular tasks. Eventually, the spine’s components deteriorate. Neck discomfort may result from the deterioration. This is where¬†neck pain treatment singapore helps.

More About Neck Pain :

Understanding how your neck typically operates and why you experience discomfort is critical in helping you care for your neck condition. When patients receive the knowledge they need to make the best decisions about their illness and treatment, they are frequently less concerned and happier with their care. While most cases of neck discomfort caused by muscular strain react well to standard pain medicines like paracetamol or anti-inflammatory drugs, your doctor may also advise you to:

  • Physiotherapy- muscular stretching and strengthening exercises to help strengthen the tissues that support your neck.
  • Electrical nerve stimulation transcutaneously (TENS)- Electrodes used to send out small electrical impulses to provide pain relief.
  • An epidural steroid injection- to relieve inflammation in the region around the nerve roots.

If required, you may be sent to an orthopedic specialist for a surgical evaluation. Neck discomfort is seldom treated surgically. However, if your discomfort is caused by a medical condition, such as pressure on the spinal nerve roots, a tumor, or a constriction of the spinal canal, it may be done.

Aside from that, Tui Na, a traditional Chinese massage therapy, and Acupuncture neck pain treatment are two of Singapore’s most popular neck pain treatments.